Monday, January 7, 2008

Attention Profiling: APML

Attention Profiling: APML Beginner's Guide - Robin Good's Latest News

The APML standard proposes a unified format for capturing a persons interests. The main idea is to keep the user in control of his data (good). It focuses on certain types of data, mainly those that describe a users preferences and interests. One of the goals is to make recommendations and filtering easier and to prevent information overload.

I would say the user-in-control approach is very good, but why limit to certain kinds of data? Do we really need a standard format for each domain or application? My point of view would be to create a standard at a more general level. It should be generic enough to let the person describe himself however he/she wants (see The Profile Problem) and for describing detailed disclosure policies. I will elaborate in another article.

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